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Claire's Story


Claire Summers is an entrepreneur, speaker and passionate advocate for empowering people from all over the world to believe in themselves & their future. Supporting others to enhance their confidence, self-belief & resilience to achieve their goals. All through the power of cultivating a grateful heart.

In 2017, Claire launched & founded Gratitude Glass Jars. Originally created as a 'tool' to help move through a series of significantly traumatic events, she never imagined that her glass jar would turn into an instant success overnight. Just 12 short weeks after launching, Claire found herself invited on stage with Oprah herself to share her story. Speaking of the deeply traumatic circumstances that she endured and the strength that she regained through the 'power of Gratitude'.

Since this day, Claire has continued to develop new tools and ideas to support others in times of need. Celebrating the sprit of living to navigate the challenges of everyday life.

Having returned to Australia, Claire is now here to share her inspiring story with others. Her vulnerability to openly share her story, combined with her simple, yet nurturing approach, empowers all to care of their emotional wellbeing. Providing the tools to maintain your own positive energy, to heal or to simply celebrate the spirit of living. Driven by the mantra ' Share Your Story to Inspire Others'.

The strength of Claire's story has been powerfully reinforced during these times of uncertainty, where emotional resilience provides the foundation of dealing with external circumstances beyond our control. Claire is a survivor, a thriver and believes wholeheartedly in the power of Gratitude to uplift, inspire and empower people to step confidently into their futures. A method which is widely celebrated as an innate power of the human soul.


Amazon Customer Reviews

December 31, 2020

Verified Purchase

Beautiful and helpful for the family to reflect, not just during the holidays, but every day of the year on what we're grateful for.